Cataclysm battleground Twin Peaks on WOTLK, module available for AzerothCore

Twin Peaks is a Cataclysm battleground, today it has been retro-ported and converted into a module for AzerothCore, hence, with this module you can play Twin Peaks on WOTLK.
The module version is available as a reward for AzerothCore contributors (all people who have contributed at least once to the project).

As a result, the module contains client-side and server-side code, because of that the player will need to download the client-side patch in order to play it.

How does the battleground work?

Twin Peaks is a 10 vs 10 Capture The Flag (CTF) battleground for players at level 85 and above. It consists in a battle between the Wildhammer dwarves and the Dragonmaw orcs, the environment is Twilight Highlands.

In order to the mechanics for Twin Peaks are identical to those for Warsong Gulch, like the followings:

  • a faction wins when they have returned three enemy flags within 25 minutes, or if they have returned the most flags (or capped last if a tie) when the timer runs out
  • the longer a flag carrier holds onto a flag, the more damage the player will take.

Twin Peaks World Map

Twin Peaks Load Screen Twin Peaks Zone Area


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In order to get the module and play Twin Peaks on WOTLK, a contribution should be make to the main project. It can be development, testing, support or wiki improvements. Read the instructions posted in the link above.

This is the second battleground module presents in the AzerothCore catalogue, will they add more? Maybe another new custom one or another retroported? Stay tuned in MangosRumors to know 😉!

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